Cookie Policy Statement

RedFox collects information about how users use our services by using cookies and other similar technologies, such as the browser's local data storage, application identifiers or device identifiers.

Cookies, JavaScript and server logs

Cookies are small text files that the browser saves in the user's terminal. Cookies contain an anonymous identifier, which can used to recognize individual browsers visiting our websites.. Cookies do not move around by themselves in the internet; they are transferred to the user's browser from the server providing the website visited by the user. Only the server which sent the cookie can later read or use the same cookie. Cookies or other similar technologies do not harm the user's terminal or files, nor can they be used to run programs or spread malware.

RedFox can use JavaScript and server logs to gather information about how and when our services are used. We can, for example, determine from which site the user accessed our services, which of our websites did the user visit and when, which advertisements has the user seen and clicked, which browser does the user use, and what is the user's screen resolution, operating system and its version, and IP address.

The purpose of cookies and other similar technologies is to enable analyses and development of our services to better respond to user needs. The use of these online technologies can enable a more seamless user experience – for example users do not need to enter their username, password or personal choices every time they change websites, as cookies can help the websites remember these.

We use cookies and other similar technologies to compile statistics of the number of visitors on our sites, and to measure the effectiveness of advertising. For example, we can gather information about marketing emails and newsletters in order to identify whether the messages have been opened, and whether the reader has followed a link in the e-mail for example to  visit a  web store. In order to improve the usability of our websites, we can conduct short-term studies where we can also save information about the user's mouse cursor movements and clicks on a specific site.

We can use the information about the use of our website to deliver targeted advertisements or content for a specific browser user. We may create target group segments based on the websites specific browsers have visited during a specific time period. As a result, we can present advertising or content which these target group segments may be interested in. For example, a browser may often visit an ice-hockey site and, therefore be classified into a segment group interested in "sports". We may use the help of our partners in creating target groups or segments, in which case we use contractual measures to ensure that the partners only use the information processed in the name of RedFox, and will not utilize the data for their own purposes, or disclose the information to any third parties. In some cases, we may use information collected from other, non-RedFox websites when creating segments or targeted advertisements.

Users cannot be personally identified merely by using cookies or other technologies, nor can our website know the user's email address, unless the user has entered it. Information collected using cookies and other similar technologies may be combined to other information obtained from the user through other contexts in accordance with details provided in the service specific data file registers, and in accordance with applicable data protection laws. If the user has created a RedFox Account we may enrich the account data with the observed data collected about online use of our services. For example if user brings product purchase and / or subscriptions to be managed on the account we can target advertisements based on the subscription history

Third parties, such as advertisers and advertising networks, use cookies and other similar technologies to target advertisements on the basis of the user's interest profile, formed based on online behavioral data. We cooperate with advertisers so that the advertising that is shown to users would be as interesting as possible. With the help of cookies we may display advertising for example based on the websites users have previously visited. We help our advertisers to target their ads to the users who have e.g. visited their e-commerce site and looked at a particular product. We also measure the effectiveness of this type of advertising.